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Creative, modern and efficient company in the field of producing fresh, healthy and On-The-Go produce.

Unique produce is a fruit export company, Who is deeply committed to provide fresh produce that contain higher nutritional values

Successfully Providing Fresh, Local and Delicious Produce Worldwide.

At Unique packing we know that supplying top quality produce is more than just growing it, which is why we follow exact sorting practices as well as strict post-harvest protocols, to produce high premium avocado ready to distribute worldwide, so as to make the difference in our unique produce.
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Eco Friendly Packaging

We use 100% recyclable eco friendly cardboard packaging. It protects against environmental degradation, insects and mould, and keeps fruit fresh.


Moroccan farmers have a longstanding reputation for producing top quality harvest for communities and businesses worldwide.


We have a strong logistical network in place to ensure the safety of all deliveries.

Core Values

We are committed to being your partner in business

With its national certification, new processing and packaging machinery, and the optimum selection of products in its assortment, Unique packing provides high quality produce that meet international standards and our customers’ expectations, so here some services you expect to get as a client from our part.

24/7 Customer Support

Eco Friendly Packaging

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This Is How We Roll.

We are committed to producing fresh and high quality produce that meet international standards and our customers’ expectations. Our continued investments in state-of-the-art transport equipment, processing facilities, and packaging technologies have enabled us to achieve logistical excellence through our seamless chain of harvesting operations. By utilizing the following transportation support service that we provide, we are able to produce unique value to our partners in the food industries.

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